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New design led touch dimmer rf led single color dimmer dimmer led dc12-24v 24A ce rohs warranty

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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:100000 piecesWarranty(Year):2 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:30 cmWidth:30 cm
  • Height:29 cmLogistics Weight:0.400 kg/piece
  • Packaging:40 piece

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:Hoion
  • Application:Lighting Controller/Voltage Controller/Other
  • Rated Voltage:12v/24v/Other

Product Description


LED SyncDimmer with RF button remote

HX-SZ600-WP86-DIMadopts the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimmingtechnology, especially design for single color led strip. For instance, pointsource of light, flexible light strip, led modules, led strings and so on. Belongto low-voltage DC power input and output with two interfaces, including V+ is thepositive interfaces, the other three for the negative interface. Meanwhile, youcan turn on/off, adjust brightness for different lighting effects through full-touchwall panel remote control. In addition, It is convenient to use RJ45 connectorto connect the multiple controllers together, and achieve the synchronizationfunction of thousands meters led strips. In theory, they can be connectednumerous.

Product Feature

l Designed for single color constant voltageLED lights, Working voltage DC12-24V.

l Three channels output, Max. load current: 3CH*8A;Max. load power: 288W/12V; 576W/24V.

l  Adoptsfull-touch wall panel remote control with fashion appearance, no needline-of-sight. Control range up to 20 meters. The working voltage of wall-panelis AC90-265V.

l  Structure/dimension/installationof the wall panel according to the 86-type European standards.

l  Memoryfunction, each time power-on reserve the mode which stop in the last power-down.

l Long-press the brightness and speed key canget the fast adjustment, convenient for operation.

l Multiple controllers can work synchronicallywhen connected by network cable through the RJ45 connector, the network cablebetween 2 ports up to 80 meters.

l Warranty of this product is two years, excludethe artificial situation of damaged or overload working.


Direction for use

l  Connectthe load wire at first, followed by the power wire; Please ensure short circuitcan not occur between wires before turning on the power

l  AdoptsRF full touch wall-panel remote control, with one dimming ring and 5 functionbuttons.

l  Thesignal light flash-- represents the signal has been sent well;

The function of buttons are shown as below:

3 modes in total as below:

1Static 100% lightBrightness is adjustable
2flashspeed is adjustable
3fadespeed is adjustable

Tips: Receiver canbe controlled by any one the same remote as factory default; the wall-panelremote control delivered with unique RF code as factory default; if unique-controlis needed, please matching the code before installation and using.


Matchingcode operation

If unique-control or new-coded-remote isneeded, pairing the remote and the receiver as below operation instruction beforeusing:

1.    Step 1: Pressing key “mode”and hold on, power on the controller, the load LEDs will be 50% brightnesswhite as responding.

2.    Step 2: Continuously to press the key “ON“ for 3 times within 5 seconds after step 1 ,the brightness ofLEDs will change from 25% -10% as responding.

3.    Code learning successfully, the LEDs will beback to the status before the power off, and the receiver onlycan be control by the remote.

4.    If not, pleasere-operate from step 1 to 2.


Wall-panelInstallation instruction

Step 1: Fixingthe bottom cover into the wall;  

 Step 2:Fixing themetal frame into the bottom cover

               with screws( projecting part upward )

Step 3: Pressingthe wall-panel into the metal frame, after connecting well the input and outputwires.

Typical Applications

Power and LED’s connection diagram:

Productinformation for placing order

Product nameitem number
LED Sync Dimmer with RF button remoteHX-SZ600-WP86-DIM

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